Your Wi-Fi As A Sales Tool
  Make More Sales...

by listing your mobile only coupons on your  wi-fi network



                         Let's talk about how you will make your wifi a new profit center

Your Coupons, Offers, Deals, Specials First In Search

* Shoppers select Free WiFi and get access to your specials on their wireless device.

* Quick, easy, simple advertising to a highly targeted local audience.

* Create and test new advertisements in real time.

* Re-purpose your expensive tv commercials.
Shopper Viewing Your Special Offers On Mobile Phone

Customer walks in your dealership and accesses your wifi. What do they get? On the Internet. What do you get? Nothing.

Customer walks in your dealership uses our AutoNetwork WiFi. What do they get? Immediate access to your mobile only specials. What do you get? A sale.
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